Connect a My Local Server with HTTPS


Please I need connect to localhost:18083 with https://

I Used 5.0.16 version for windows

When I can configuration for it…?

We have always supported configuring an HTTPS listener for Dashboard, here is the corresponding configuration docs.

What issues are you having?


Thanks for you info.

Please, I can used the files in C:\emqx\etc\certs for examble cacert.pem file for my configuration file emqx.conf ?

You can send me a emqx.conf file with https config… for i can connect to my server with

Thanks in adaveznce.

You can of course use the certificate files in the certs directory, but they should only be used in a test environment rather than a production environment.

Configuration example for one-way SSL:

dashboard {
    listeners.https {
        bind = 18083
        certfile = "/emqx/etc/certs/cert.pem"
        keyfile = "/emqx/etc/certs/key.pem"
        verify  =  verify_none
    default_username = "admin"
    default_password = "public"

This is just an example and is not guaranteed to work as it is also limited by your client connection parameters.

Is it possible to reference a k8s Secret containing TLS params rather than specifying them in the configuration this way? For my purposes, I do not want cert/key on the filesystem.