Create Server Certificate - Domain Configuration

I am testing out the Cloud instance and it works perfectly. Now I am on the steps of configurating the TLS connection. The instruction were straightforward. But now I am facing issues when it comes to create a CNAM for the endpoint provided by EMQX Cloud.

  • I created a CNAME in my DNS Server. The CNAME points to xxxx[dot]amazonaws[dot]com

My issue is that the set of certificated I created for xxxx[dot]amazonaws[dot]com do not work anymore.

How should I build my certificates so that I can use instead of xxxx[dot]amazonaws[dot]com ?

I am following the instruction in the official documentation: Section: creating-self-signed-tsl-ssl-certificate

Thank you in advance for the help

Sorry to keep you waiting, if your certificate was working and now you just changed the domain name, you can try specifying SNI when connecting.

What is SNI?