How fix "bad_info_file" error when trying to start plugin emqx_auth_mysql

Maybe some of you can guide me on how to solve this problem:
I recently downloaded emqx_auth_mysql from Plugins | EMQX 4.3 Documentation and cloned from the github repository to #/emqx/plugins .
And followed de indications of the to configure it with the parameters of my server and compile it.
But when trying start it with #/emqx/bin/emqx_ctl plugins start emqx_auth_mysql
It answuers:
“action”: “ensure_started”,
“cause”: {
“error”: “bad_info_file”,
“path”: “plugins/emqx_auth_mysql/release.json”,
“return”: “{enoent,"/emqx/plugins/emqx_auth_mysql/release.json"}”
“name_vsn”: “emqx_auth_mysql”,
“result”: “not_ok”

I couldn’t find the release.json it referencing.
By the way, my environment is Ubuntu server 22 and EMQX broker is V 5 open source.

Sorry, the 4.3 plugin cannot be used directly in EMQX 5.0, it needs some modifications, you can refer to the plugin template provided by our 5.0, GitHub - emqx/emqx-plugin-template: EMQ X Plugin Template and Demo.

release.json is generated at compile time, its data comes from emqx_plugrel in rebar.config, you can modify it to what you need.

thank you Maveric for your kind response.
I have installed emqx-plugin-template and I have searched trying to understand what modifications I should make in the emqx-auth-mysql plugin without success. Apparently emqx 5.0 uses a new emqx-exhook technique that I can’t understand how to implement to carry out authorizations, connections and publications.
I am following a course to learn how to use the mqtt broker and communication that is prior to emqx 5.0 and I realize that the required changes far exceed my knowledge. I will probably have to uninstall version 5 and install EMQX 4.2 in order to continue with the course methods.