Kubernetes EMQX MQTT duplicated messages using Bridge (Bridge singleton not available anymore)

Hi everybody I’ve the latest version of EMQX on my Kubernetes cluster (5.0.12)

I need to create an MQTT Ingress that receives messages from another broker.
There is also a client subscribed to a topic (e.g. telemetry/#) to EMQX.

The problem is that when a message is sent to that topic on the remote broker on EMQX arrives 4 messages (becuase we have 4 EMQX nodes in the cluster)…

We saw in the documentation that there is the mode field that accepts cluster_shareload and cluster_singleton.
Seems that the singleton option is the one I need to avoid duplicates… however i also saw that the option was removed a couple of months ago…

So… the question is: How can I avoid messages duplication now?

I opened also an issue on github:

Where I was suggested to set remote_topic as a shared subscription topic… I tried following the documentation but it is not clear how to do it… I made some tries but nothing works (see the issue for more details).

Anyone of you nows how to: PREVENT DUPLICATED MESSAGES WHILE USING BRIDGES (with multiple EMQX nodes)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I relied to you on GitHub, did it help you?