Mqtt Broker

Is there a normal description of how to make a bridge? the broker is so crude and buggy that it is not clear how it can be released. There is no elementary bridge! When creating a Connector, in some cases some options are available there, and in another they are not! If you create a Connector, then you will not have options available in ingress! But if you create using Rules, then you will already have other options in the Connector! It’s crazy.

Look at the pictures, it’s the same connector, only one has options and it works one way, but not the other!

Somehow I made a Connector that works only one way! And this is called a bridge? Look at how the mosquito works, there really is a bridge that works both ways. You make a normal description of how to make a bridge in both directions and make a working Egress! There are no examples, no video lessons, nothing at all!

Make the documentation normal and up-to-date for each version! You have one thing written in your documents, but there is no reality to it! In particular for the bridge

The main question!!! How to make a bridge in two directions?