Nodes are getting out from cluster

[error] Error in process <0.20346.173> on node ‘emqx@’ with exit value:, {badarg,[{ets,lookup,[emqx_hooks,‘message.dropped’],[]},{emqx_hooks,lookup,1,[{file,“emqx_hooks.erl”},{line,210}]},{emqx_hooks,run,2,[{file,“emqx_hooks.erl”},{line,149}]},{emqx_broker,dispatch,2,[{file,“emqx_broker.erl”},{line,291}]}]}

getting above logs from EMQX broker

The log shows the node was shutting down so the ETS table was closed and throw out a badarg error. But we don’t know why it was shutdown. We need to inspect more logs before this one to get the first error message, or we can check the system log /var/logs/messages to see if emqx got killed because of OOM or other reason.