Tasmota devices unavailable in homeassistant after restarting emqx

  1. I have an odd issue and was not sure where to start
  2. I run emqx together with homeassistant (HA) and many tasmota devices
  3. When I restart emqx, I can see that my tasmota devices reconnect to it
  4. But these tasmota devices are “unavailable” in my homeassistant
  5. They only become available if I manually press the button on the devices to toggle their state

I would like my devices to show up once they reconnect back to emqx. Any idea where my issue might be? Thank you.

maybe config (autodiscovery) is sent only during restart of the device?
also: if retain flag is false the config will disappear
so only restart will send the config again

it is one of the possibilities