Ubuntu Install Script

While following the installation instructions for Ubuntu using Kinetic, I noticed that kinetic doesn’t seem to be supported. It’s fairly new so I’m not surprised, but I didn’t get a warning about it not being supported.

Looking at the script the curl_exit_code variable seems to error code from the sed command and not the curl command as it probably should.

  # create an apt config file for this repository
  curl -sSf "${apt_config_url}" > $apt_source_path
  sed -i "s/packagecloud.io/packages.emqx.com/g" $apt_source_path

  if [ "$curl_exit_code" = "22" ]; then
    echo -n "Unable to download repo config from: "
    echo "${apt_config_url}"

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we have optimized this script, you can download and run it again.