What does this error indicate and how to fix it?

[root@pl2ppr-stcr1 ~]# emqx_ctl status
Node ‘emqx@’ 4.3.22 is started
[root@pl2ppr-stcr1 ~]# emqx_ctl cluster info
cluster join # Join the cluster
cluster leave # Leave the cluster
cluster force-leave # Force the node leave from cluster
cluster status
[root@pl1ppr-stcr1 ~]# tail /var/log/emqx/emqx.log.1
2023-11-03T17:38:11.810338+01:00 [error] ** Cannot get connection id for node ‘emqx@’


This error appears because the node name is not improperly configured (it’s missing the hostname). Please check the following document: Configuration | EMQX 4.3 Documentation (node.name is the relevant configuration item). The proper response should look like node 'emqx@<ip-address>' is started`.