Does EMQX connector support QUIC?


I found out through the EMQX documentation that EMQX provides QUIC support.
The sample configuration shows how to add a QUIC listener. which means to me that you can connect to this EMQX Listener using MQTT-over-QUIC protocol.
Is the same QUIC listener feature available for Connectors? I was not able to find any documentations on how to set up Connectors to use QUIC.
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Listeners and connectors are very different concepts.

  • Listener specifies how clients can connect to the broker.
  • Connector specifies how broker can connect to other backend infrastructure (databases, etc.)

Hence, “QUIC connector” doesn’t make sense conceptually: QUIC is a transport-level protocol, it doesn’t do anything on its own, while connectors encapsulate some application-level protocol (like MongoDB query API). QUIC listener, on the other hand, does make sense: EMQX supports MQTT (application level protocol) over QUIC.

Indeed, EMQX does support QUIC, as evidenced by its documentation showcasing QUIC listener configuration for MQTT-over-QUIC protocol. However, I couldn’t find specific documentation for setting up Connectors with QUIC. It might be worth reaching out to EMQX support directly for clarification on this matter.

Thanks for your response. I was thinking more of the context of building a bridge between two EMQX brokers. We can achieve that today using the connector object and rules.
The connector is able to connect to the MQTT broker via both TCP or TLS. I am wondering if we can do the same but using QUIC instead.


I see, thanks for clarification. That’s an interesting question. I think this should be technically possible, because EMQX’s MQTT connector uses emqtt library, that supports MQTT-over-QUIC. At the first glance, the only thing needed to support this is to allow bridge to change the transport. However, devil may be in the details.

This sounds like a good feature request. Please feel free to submit it on github.

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Thank you @dmif for the follow up.
One more question about the connectors and topic alias.
Does bridging 2 EMQX brokers (using rules and connectors) support topic aliasing?