[EMQX 5] Are there possible to authorization with qos and retain?

Hi Everyone,

Do we have anyway to configure authz with qos and retain? At the moment, I see EMQX only support authz with topic.

Nam Tran

I think this is a good idea, can you tell me more about your scene?

Hi Maverick,
For example, when client authorize for pub/sub topic, I want to verify which Qos and Is they allow to use retain message or not?

EMQX support {allow, all, publish, [“topic/temp”]}
What I expect: {allow, all, publish, [“topic/temp”], qos=1, retain=true} => it mean client will be able publish to topic topic/temp with Qos =1 and can publish retain message, it will reponse unauthorized if client use Qos=0 or 2

Got it, thanks. I will discuss this requirement with the product team, and I will synchronize the results with you.

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Are you using acl.conf to configure ACLs? Adding this feature to all authorizers is a long job, and we would implement it in acl.conf first if we could