EMQX and InfluxDB Integration

Hi there,
I am using the open-source version ( EMQX ). Is there a way to integrate EMQX with Influx DB. I am looking for streaming all messages to the InfluxDB to build on top of it an application.

The EMQX documentation explains how. But I can not see the InfluxDB as a data bridge destination. Is this an enterprise feature? How can I implement this in the open source version?

Thank you in advance for the help

Hi, @tshoblak.

The integration function with InfluxDB is only available in the enterprise edition, and the document you read should also be in the enterprise edition.

Sorry, this is indeed a documentation problem, the content of the enterprise version appears in the documentation of the open source version by mistake, it misleads you.

We will fix it as soon as possible.

Thank @Maverick for answering back. What would be the alternative in the open source version? How can I implement the InfluxDB integration? What would be the practice?