EMQX: How to set up MQTT bridge?

I have currently set up mosquitto with an mqtt bridge to my wallbox.
The current config simply reads as:

connection openwb
topic openWB/# both 2
local_clientid rem.mosquitto

This is a bridge in both ways.
I don’t know how to set up this bridge in EMQX (in home assistant, so only gui, no config files).
As far as I understand, I would have to set up both Egress and Ingress? This however does not allow to set up both openWB/# topics. Also I am not sure with the /# ending. The readme Bridge Data into MQTT Broker | EMQX 5.0 Documentation does not mention this ending, however, the web interface does:

I tried both with and without /# and neither works.

Also I have no idea if and who I would need to set up a rule.
The standard rule reads as


Could someone point me in the right direction on how I would copy the above working bridge configuration into EMQX?

Still not successful - any place I could find help?

Anyone has any idea? Anyone reading here?

I think EMQX is not the right choice for me. No mqtt bridge, no help.

The manufacturer does not want to support users! They don’t have proper documentation! I was only able to get to one side of the workplace. It didn’t work out in two directions! This is a raw product that does not contain basic things. Switch to mosquito

Created from Rules

Created from Connector

Developer wtf??

version 5.4.1 full bugs!

5.3.2 worked as bridge but one side only! if two side - loop messages!


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