EMQX -> InfluxDB2


I’m having some issues with my connection between EMQX and InfluxDB2.

Here is the rule I created:

payload.temp as volt

This is the action output in my Rule tab:

Voltage, temp=${volt}

When I choose the test connectivity option, everything seems fine.

I can see on the dashboard that the system is correctly receiving the messages I sent via MQTT.


Is there any log messages in the emqx.log files?
P.S. If you believe there’s a bug in our code, it’s better to submit an issue on github for the faster response.


ok I’ll do so.

Here is an other problem. In the manual is written that I should create a connection between EMQX and InfluxDB. But I can’t see this option. Or the manual is wrong.


InfluxDB integration is a feature of the Enterprise edition. Open-source edition is limited to MQTT and HTTP connectors. Sorry, I didn’t catch this earlier.