K8s replicant can't start

Hi Guys,
I tried to install EMQX 5 in our K8s cluster and I faced with issues replicant can’t running and I see this warning log
[warning] Ignoring illegal attempt to create a table copy mria_schema on replicant node ‘emqx@’ mfa: mria_mnesia:copy_table/2 line 292
[warning] line: 303, mfa: mria_rlog_replica:handle_reconnect/1, msg: rlog_replica_reconnect, node: ‘emqx@’

Does anyone have experience with this issues?


The second log message doesn’t indicate any connection problems by itself. It has warning log level to stand out, because reconnecting the replicant has performance impact on the cluster, but otherwise it indicates normal flow.
The first log message can be ignored: it’s a remnant from previous iteration of design. We’ll remove it.

To check if replicant is up and running you can use the following command:

Sorry for late response and thank you for your support. I solve the issues, it cause by I deploy in another namespace but endpoint still config as default namespace.