Migration from EMQX 4 TO EMQX 5 HTTP API problem

Hi im having a lot of troubles making the migration from version 4 to 5, so my problem right nows its with the HTTP api, really in version 5 there are not any documentation only one table with some path but anything that could tell if the end points are correct or anything.

So assuming that they mantain some paths i have updated the port and api version like this:




the old code for detecting correct response

//create resources
async function createControlResource() {

  try {
    const url = "http://" + process.env.EMQX_API_HOST + ":" + process.env.EMQX_API_PORT + "/api/" + process.env.EMQX_API_VERSION + "/resources";

    const data1 = {
      "type": "web_hook",
      "config": {
        url: "http://" + process.env.WEBHOOKS_HOST + ":3001/api/control-webhook",
        headers: {
          token: process.env.EMQX_API_TOKEN
        method: "POST"
      description: "control-webhook"

    const res1 = await axios.post(url, data1, auth);

    if (res1.status === 200) {
      console.log("Control resource created!".green);

    setTimeout(() => {
      console.log("***** Emqx WH resources created! :) *****".green);
    }, 1000);
  } catch (error) {
    console.log("Error creating resources");

new code… still trying to understand how to change it.

5.0 no longer provides the resource API. Didn’t this API Doc help you?

i really didnt found that, i was looking for http api, thanks

so ideally if i wont to maintain most of my code i will have to create manually the 3 web_hooks i was creating via resource path ?