Pbkdf2 with MySQL Authentication

I am running version 5.0.21.
I have a mariadb setup with with users and passwords.

I am able to connect to the database and it seems to be running my query.

I am providing the hash and the salt for pbkdf2.
Pseudorandom Function is sha512
Iteration Count is 100000
Derived Key Length is 64

The log file isn’t very helpful.

I am assuming the has should be in hex and the salt as a string. Right now the salt is encoded as base64, which I am not sure is a problem or not.

The reason I am assuming this is based on the documentation provided here, which has an insert statement showing the hash in hex and the salt as a string: Password Authentication Using MySQL | EMQX 5.0 Documentation

The output of my query when ran manually looks like this:
password_hash - hex

salt (base64 encoded)

Sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Can you describe the problem in more detail?