Problems with port 18083

I just installed version 4.2.14 of EMQX and would like to run it with a Hestia control panel and Node-Red, on an aws instance Ubuntu system, but when installing I want to see the EMQX in the browser with its default port 18083 , but It does not appear and looking for the port where it is running I do not get an answer, I use cloudflare as a domain provider and I have 2 DNS, one type A and the other CNAME.
please help
used version:
sudo apt install ./emqx-ubuntu20.04-4.2.14-x86_64.deb

Hello, I have the same problem, what have you been able to solve?

Hi. What version of EMQX are you using? If you are deploying on a cloud server, please check the configuration in the security group first to see if traffic on ports such as 18083 is allowed.