Reaching 100M MQTT connections with EMQX 5.0

The ever-increasing scale of IoT device connections and deployments requires IoT messaging platforms to be massively scalable and robust at scale. To stress test the scalability of the MQTT messaging broker EMQX, we established 100 million MQTT connections to the clusters of 23 EMQX nodes to see how EMQX performs.

In this test, each MQTT client subscribed to a unique wildcard topic, which requires more CPU resources than a direct topic. When publishing, we chose a 1-to-1 publisher-subscriber topology and reached 1 M messages processed per second. We also compared how the maximum subscription rate varies as the cluster size increases when we were using two different database backends, RLOG DB and Mnesia. Here we detail our setup and some of the challenges we faced along the way.

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