REST API slow response issues

I am using EMQX version 4.4.11.

The response rate of the /api/v4/nodes API called from the admin dashboard exceeds 10 seconds and I get the following error.
“timeout of 10000ms exceeded”

Even without the error, it is running very slowly, around 8-9 seconds.

Is this an issue with EMQX version 4.4.11?
Or is it possible to determine what is causing the API response to be slow?

Additionally, if the REST API is slow, will it affect the performance of the MQTT messaging service?


I’m having the same issue with the latest release. I’m using the REST API for publishing and if I send multiple requests at once they eventually respond with an ID for each request. Despite receiving an ID response, some of the messages are never broadcasted. This happens seemingly intermittently after it is primed with a few requests. Perhaps this is related to rate-limiting?

root@node-1:~# emqx ctl broker
sysdescr  : EMQX
version   : 5.4.1

Moving to a bigger server (2vCPU & 4GB RAM) and reinstalling fixed the slow REST API. Perhaps there should be a loud warning message if underprovisioning is detected rather than failing/dropping messages silently…?

Perhaps you’re also underprovisioning?