Time out issue in clustering

i am having issue when trying to connect to another instance of emqx while clustering
connect_to_remote_server peer=“emqx@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” result=failure reason=“timeout”
but the emqx is running in that system perfectly. port 5370 / 4370 all are opened in both the systems. any idea

Hi, please add the following information so that we can better support you:

  1. EMQX version you using, such as 5.0.20
  2. Type of cluster you using, such as static, dns.
  3. Node name you using, it will affect the port used finally

Sorry for the delayed response
Node 1:
Version = 5.0.12
Node name=emqx@xxx.xxx.xxx.239
cluster type is static
Node 2:
Version = 5.0.12
Node name=emqx@xxx.xxx.xxx.240
cluster type is static
one more thing is how to monitor created cluster, i have seen documents on using prometheus to monitor emqx, but how to monitor cluster.
Thanks in advance.

Any idea on this?
I have the exact same issue with the same config but version 5.0.21.


If you run EMQX in docker, then you need to open TCP5369 port instead of TCP5370.